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Square Global Markets provides client solutions across the equities spectrum. Our dedicated team, drawn from top-tier investment banks and brokerage houses, has over 100 years' combined experience in advising investors. We are committed to using our expertise to help clients maximise efficiency and returns throughout the trading cycle.


  • Global macro and thematic research to create tailored trading ideas.

  • Quant monitors focused on analysing cross-asset sentiment, smart beta flow, and performance indicators. 

  • Cross-asset portfolio construction analytics to capture intentional alphas whilst avoiding unintentional risks.

  • Academic research compilations sorted by themes across multiple years.

  • Detailed ETP selection process.


  • Pre-trade analytics to assess optimal trading strategies and optimal trading horizons.

  • Post-trade analytics to provide full transparency on the execution quality.

  • Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) to establish the transaction’s alpha profile to further optimise execution recommendations and minimise execution costs.


  • Dedicated sales traders with long-standing experiences across the liquid market spectrum.

  • Global execution capabilities incorporating DMA, Algo and Smart Order Routers.

  • Complete anonymity of executions.

  • Square Global Markets acts strictly as an agency broker.

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